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Gintsune wikia
Kanji 冴木まこと
Rōmaji Saeki Makoto
Personal Information
Age 16
Species Human
Gender Female
Occupation Second-year high school student
Relatives Tatsuo Saeki (father)
Ability Can see Gods' herald.
Status Alive
Voice Actors
Seiyū Hisako Kanemoto
Anime The 15th Successor and Gintaro
Manga Chapter 1
Image Gallery
Makoto Saeki (冴木まこと, Saeki Makoto) is the main character of the Gingitsune series. She is a second-year high school student whose family has watched over the shrine for 15 generations. She inherited the power to see the gods' agent from her mother and is able to communicate with Gintarou, the fox guardian of the Inari Shrine and other heralds as well.


Makoto Saeki is an average tall slender young girl, with oval face, neck-short light brown hair and light brown round eyes. She usually wears a traditional miko, which consists of a pair of red hakama tied with a bow and a white haori with red edging around the neck.


Makoto is very cheerful, yet stubborn young girl. She is very caring and kindhearted.She tries her best to help others.




The Sight

As the successor of the shrine, Makoto inherited her mother's ability to see and communicate with heralds.


"I can see you, what more can I wish for?"




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