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Gingitsune (ぎんぎつね, Gingitsune) anime adaptation of the Manga is produced by animation studio Diomedea, directed by Noboru Misawa and written by Hiroshi Yamaguchi.


The story's setting is in Present Day Japan in the city of Edo, where spirits and humans have been living in harmony. Makoto Saeki, the daughter of a Shinto Shrine Priest, lost her mother at the age of four. Due to being the heir she gains the gift of sight which is handed down once the current heir passes away. This gift allows her to see and communicate with messenger of the Gods, known as heralds. The herald of Makoto's shrine is Gintaro, a fox spirit. Both of them were close friends to each other and Makoto is keeping this a secret from her friends. The story follows their everyday lives of the two as a go-between for the Gods and humans.

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Episode 1- 6 October 2013- Episode name: The 15th Successor and Gintaro
Saeki Makoto is a 16 years old cheerful, average looking girl, who has a special gift she receives from Inari God's herald Gintaro, appearing before Makoto at a very young age and proclaiming her as the 15th successor of the Inari's shrine, where Makoto lives with her father, currently the Shrine's priest. After an unsuccessful divination for a classmate of Makoto's, she and Gintaro had a bit of a falling out, but their relationship goes back to normal, after Gintaro uses his ability to try and find a lost kitten, which comes to a success this time.
Episode 2 - 13 October 2013-  Episode name: Learning to Compromise
Makoto is late for school again but she manages to catch the bus this time. At school during gym class Yumi Ikegami is talking to Makoto, while at the same time Hiwako Funabashi drew nearer to them and scolded Yumi for her troublesome behavior, which made a group of girls considering themselves close friends to Yumi angry at Funabashi. Hiwako also scolds Makoto for drawing all the attention, because of her fortune telling. Hiwako Funabashi is part of the student council and comes from a family with great traditions of making ceremonial tea. The next day while entering the girls restroom, Makoto sees those girls surrounding Hiwako, and the situation became very tense for a while, but everything works out for the best when Yumi tells those girls to mind their own business and to leave her alone.
Episode 3 - 20 October 2013-  Episode name: The Place Where the Gods Are
A new Herald is introduced, he's a Turtle and his shrine was destroyed by humans. Makoto and Gintaro are heading to Shoubai Grand Shrine to request of the Heralds there, whether Turtle can stay in their shrine.
Episode 4 - 27 October 2013-  Episode name: Satoru and Haru
Satoru and Haru arrived at Saeki Shrine. Satoru has no intention of staying for long, so he is trying to send Haru back home. After a fierce altercation Haru runs away.
Episode 5 - 03 November 2013-   Episode name: Season of Warmth
Satoru is still refusing to open up even a little bit due to the unfortunate events during his infancy. Meanwhile Gintarou reminds him that Haru is in grave danger, because a herald without a home will disappears.
Episode 6 - 10 November 2013-   Episode name: How Do I Look?
Satoru is very popular at Makoto's school, because he's a transfer student and his kendo skills are magnificent. Makoto decides to throw a welcoming party for Satoru, so she invites Yumi and Hiwako, hoping that Satoru will opens up a little bit.
Episode 7 - 17 November 2013- Episode name: Shrines and Temples
Makoto decides to give Satoru and Haru a tour around town. On their way to the town they meet Shōhei‎‎, who happens to live in the temple, which houses a small abandoned shrine. Strange events are occurring in the temple and the monks starts to think that it's the work of ghosts. In the end, it turns out that the reason for those mysterious events are not ghosts, but two rampant monkeys.
Episode 8 - 24 November 2013- Episode name: Humans are Strange
Hiwako's father's birthday is getting close and she is troubled of choosing a present for him. Yumi suggests and Makoto agrees that the newly opened mall is a great place for that purpose. Meanwhile, the appointed driver named Yoshizumi notices the progress Hiwako made, from being unapproachable, close off and rigorous to cheerful and friendly person.
Episode 9 - 01 December 2013- Episode name: I'm Sorry
Gintarou wants to teach Haru the right way to do the divination flames, but Haru is too proud to accept the help. Later that day, the girls who lives in the near neighbourhood came to offer their prayers when all of a sudden a group of boys arrives and the troubles begin. The dippers are broken, the fox statue is desecrated and the mess is left behind after the kids runs away afraid that they might get in trouble, because of what they've done. Haru begin chasing after the kids, but trips and tumbles all the way down to an unknown neighbourhood. Scared, she doesn't know which way to go or how to return home, she finds a tiny roadside Inari Shrine, and just before all the hope is gone, Gintarou comes and fetch her. He says all Haru needs to do is to look up the hill where the Saeki Shrine is situated. In the Shrine, the kids came and apologize for the trouble they did and offered oranges to the heralds.
Episode 10 - 08 December 2013- Episode name: It Really Doesn't Matter
RESUME OF EPISODE NOT AVAIBLE:::::::::::::::::::::::::::
Episode 11 - 15 December 2013- Episode name: Makoto's Future
RESUME OF EPISODE NOT AVAIBLE:::::::::::::::::::::::::::
Episode 12 - 22 December 2013- Episode name: Summer Cleansing
RESUME OF EPISODE NOT AVAIBLE:::::::::::::::::::::::::::

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